Moving Mountains

Moving Mountains One Rock at A Time

Rewrite Your Story To Create A Life Of Hope, Health And Wellness, And Endless Possibilities…

Dear Reader,

Do you want to live a life of true JOY and PEACE? Are you ready to let go of your past and live a life of DISCOVERY and PURPOSE? Do you want to TRANSFORM those around you?

This book will show you how. You can rewrite your life and create the life you have always desired. You’re in the middle of a journey, and you can change direction once you know how. Now is the time to evaluate, face the truth, and finally create your own life just as I did.

I am someone who has been there. I have been through the struggles, pains, and obstacles that keep so many of us from achieving our innermost dreams. I want you to use HOPE to illuminate the path ahead and define the “in between” space of your life.

In this book, you will learn the formula I used to transform my life – H.O.P.E.:

  • Health and wellness
  • Open to connections
  • Powerful stories
  • Endless possibilities

It’s never too late. It’s never too late to move the mountains that currently bar your way to the divine destiny you were created to live. Now is your time. Now is when you will live the life God has desired for you.

Experience and apply the teachings in this book, and you will be transformed forever.

About The Author

MaryAnne Adams is a speaker, mentor, and author who radiates light, love, and hope. In her inspiring book, she shares her journey and the wisdom she gained in her own transformational journey. With a master’s degree in education and thirty years as a talented educator, she brings to life the valuable lessons of self-discovery, moving beyond pain, and soul empowerment. As an educator and community leader, she has influenced thousands of students, parents, and community members. Her positive attitude and loving spirit bring sunshine into the souls of all those around her.

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Moving Mountains One Rock at A Time

It’s Never Too Late To Rewrite Your Life Story.
Come Along This Journey With Me And Pursue The Life You Have Always Dreamed Of…